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Chewing Stick for Healthy Teeths

Hygienically packed Miswak - Natural Toothbrush Stick

Top Quality Miswak Stick Produced From Peelu Tree

Natural herbal chewing sticks, popularly known as Miswak or Sewak or Peelu Stick, are amongst the traditional dental hygiene aids common in India, Pakistan, the majority of the Arabian states, and many African regions. The miswak or Sewak is a tooth cleaning twig produced from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree (called arak in Arabic and peelu in Pakistan). Miswak stick features a long, documented history and is known for its remedial advantages. Additionally it features noticeably in Muslim hygienical jurisprudence. The World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed the usage of the miswak for its oral cleanliness features and scientific research therefore validating its anti-bacterial and plaque preventing qualities.  Miswak is an eco-friendly, natural and cost effective way to marinate mouth hygiene.

Due to free availability, exclusive chemical structure and religious beliefs, the usage of miswak stick and other natural herbs are growing at a rapid speed in both developing and developed nations.  A range of research has confirmed that miswak is as useful as, or even better than the current day's common dental hygiene aid, i.e., toothbrush.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed and suggested the usage of miswak as a good tool for dental hygiene.

Miswak Al-Badar International presents the highest quality fresh, 100 % pure and organic Miswak stick from Pakistan. We've been involved in this business and exporting the top quality pure Miswak/Sewak Sticks globally.

Our Miswaks are featured as follows:

  • 100% Natural
  • Pure and Organic
  • Export quality
  • Naturally soft
  • Hygienically prepared
  • Vacuumed pack

We only utilize the best and chosen pieces of miswak to provide our consumers top quality miswak sticks. We've the broadest selection of miswak available.

The natural toothbrush-cum-paste is extracted from Salvadora persica, a tree commonly identified as peelu in Pakistan and arak in Arab countries. The twigs are gathered from the jungles and shipped to Karachi and other major cities in Pakistan, where they're saturated in rose water, reduce into small pieces, bundled and brought to markets worldwide.

Exceptional Qualities of Miswak, Islamic toothbrush

The usage of miswak for dental hygiene serves dual function, i.e., mechanical plaque control by friction involving plant fibers and tooth surface and chemical plaque control because of its chemical structure. All these elements have several particular functions in dental health and its exclusive medicinal and remedial features may also be outlined based on its structure.

  • Silica serves as abrasive material that eliminates spots and builds up on the tooth surface.
  • Sodium bicarbonate has gentle coarse and germicidal impact.
  • Tannic acid has astringent impact on mucus membrane and found to be good
    anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis.
  • Resins serve a physical feature and shape a coating over the teeth enamel
    which shields it from bacterial action.
  • Alkaloids provide bactericidal effect and energize the gingiva.
  • Essential oils have anti-septic effects and stimulate the flow of saliva.
  • Vitamin C helps in recovery and restoration.
  • Calcium and fluoride ions encourage demineralization of tooth composition and
    have moderate anti-bacterial behavior.

Miswak is an ideal organic toothbrush which offers numerous beauty and health advantages.
Health Benefits of Miswak Sticks:

  • Miswak cleans the mouth
  • Inhibits dry mouth
  • Increases salivation
  • Support healing dental tissue
  • Destroys build-up bacteria in the mouth
  • Clear the throat
  • Shielding teeth from microbes
  • Growth the gum

Beauty Benefits of Miswak Sticks:

  • It blocks the tooth enamel layer
  • It removes or preventing plaque and teeth coloring
  • It Facilitates teeth sparkling

Subsequently Miswak toothbrush is highly recommend to be utilized aside of ordinary toothbrush.  Extracting it halts the gum from bleeding and minimizes the treat of Oral Cancer.  Numerous research discussing the effectiveness of miswak and contemporary tooth brush have established a superior or similar effect of miswak over the use of tooth brushes.

The Prophetic guidance about stick toothbrush Miswak:

The Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam advised Muslims to wash their teeth by using a Miswaak daily; particularly upon waking up, when executing ablution, prior to prayer, when reciting the Holy Quran, prior to sleeping, when entering the home, and when the mouth has a bad smell.